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Numb/Encore Final Mix

2008-10-04 18:58:59 by k0rruptid

Ok, so i went back to my numb/encore mix, it wasnt the best. So, i re-did basically the whole tune, just finishing it up now, ive added a dif melody, better intro, effects on all channels, and im gonna hype up the bass a little.

Finished and uploaded.

Later today i might go back and finish up or create another tune, so check back.

Also, in the next few days i will be doing a collab tune with Saikuya another good dnb artist up on here.

New Tunes Comin Up

2008-10-04 12:40:43 by k0rruptid

uploading some new tunes soon, new artist here atm, i use fruityloops and make mainly drum and bass at the moment.

Check back later.

*waiting to be approved as a trusted artist, expect many tunes